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Mahtamun Hoque Fahim

Hi! I'm Fahim. I'm a front-end developer based in Chattogram, Bangladesh. I spend most of my time working on freelance and building my own projects.

What I do?

Graphic design

I can design for you based on your needs. Logos or posters, banners, profile covers, art, or any web content - it's easy for me to make any kind of design outstanding!

Web development

I'm specialized in creating any kind of static website for your business or personal, commercial, or non-profit! I'm also specialized in developing the frontend of your website and can make it great looking !

SEO related stuff

If your website is not very fast at present, you will not be able to compete with other websites. At the same time, your website will lag behind Google's search result ranking many times. I will fix the core issues of your website quite differently, so that it can be significantly faster than before!

UI/UX design

The importance of UI / UX design in today's world is immense! I can make the pixel-perfect user interface and user experience for your applications in such a way that your customers become satisfied and you also get a profitable price!


Photography is my hobby. Having a hobby of photography is becoming my master in photography! Book your time and place today and look forward to getting your best moments!


Basically, I did not start blogging to make money! My blogging started from the thought of writing down my thoughts and ideas somewhere! I also write infographic, idea-oriented, current trend articles for an organization called Sulphuric Bench!

Just a bit

About Me

Hello, I am Mahtamun Hoque Fahim from Bangladesh . I am simultaneously a student, frontend dev, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, 詠春 Enthusiast and bookworm.

My goal is to be a full-stack web developer and so I'm trying to build myself from now on. Currently, I can do HTML, CSS and a bit JavaScript. I'm trying to dig inside dom and making little but thrilling projects everyday. Very soon , I'm going to learn a framework of JavaScript and would be building much more better project from on now. My next goal is to build myself up as a good frontend web developer. Then I desire to gradually become a full-stack web developer by focusing on full-stack web development.

Technologies I use

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Projects that

I've built

Messenger Clone

Built frontend of spending 3hrs 38mins and 53sec.

Live Demo Source code

Todo App

Built a todo app using plain javascript

Live Demo Source code

Multipurpose Blog

Built a multipurpose blog template for personal and commercial use

Live Demo Source code

Data record form

A cool looking data record form with a reactjs ecosystem looking like UI

Live Demo Source code

Portfolio Website

A professional looking portfolio website for developers

Live Demo Source code


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